Rafael Garcia is Full Professor (Catedrático de Universidad) at the Computer Architecture dept, University of Girona (UdG). He is the director of the Computer Vision and Robotics Institute of UdG. Prof. Garcia is also the founder and director of the Underwater Vision Lab (UVL), and serves as consultant to industry in the field of artificial vision and manufacturing. Currently, prof. Garcia is the Coordinator of the EU project iToBoS, aiming at the development of tools for early detection of melanoma. 

His main research interests are in the fields of robotics and computer vision. Prof. Garcia is particularly interested in how to make unmanned underwater vehicles sense their environment to carry out autonomous surveys of the ocean floor. A spin-off of this project is now helping in the development of new tools in the field of medical imaging.

Prof. Garcia is also interested in education, outreach and the public perception of science. To this end, he devotes part of his research group's efforts to education research. From July 2011 to October 2016 he was the director of the Institute of Education Sciences (ICE) of the University of Girona. Moreover, his interests include educational innovation projects, especially those that try to increase student motivation and engagement.

You can find one of his talks about science outreach here.

email: rafael dot garcia at udg dot edu (remove spaces).
LinkedIn: es.linkedin.com/in/rafaelgarcia100
Researcher ID: N-3804-2015
Orcid: 0000-0002-1681-6229
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